The Sanguine Life was created to promote the need for physical, mental, and social well being in our lives. Our reality is shaped by how we perceive and interact with the world. No one experience can define you. No one struggle is who we are.  This endeavor is to create a space that encourages diversity of heart, mind, and spirit, respect for our collective struggle, and an openness to change.

Please bear(grrrrrrrrrr) with me as we setup this site and add more content.  Any and all constructive feed back is needed ASAP: ideas, topics, advice(we’d love to hear yours), or maybe you’re just struggling with something and need a quick vent.  Please email me, Daniel T. Dunlap, at thesanguinelife@gmail.com

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Ambassadors of Change: Ann, Daniel, Katherine, Tempie, and Thaddeus