Sober Party

Check out TheSanguineLife’s free digitable library.  We’ve got some fun games covered and soon we’ll be offering some great mocktail recipes, appetizer suggestions, and party print outs to help you throw one heck of a party.  One that everyone will actually remember.





Licenses, Attribution, Nods



Check out these delicious drinks.  Make a large batch for the whole party or try a few with a couple of friends.  These are guaranteed to put some zing in your zang, tantalize the taste buds, and be a party highlight.  So take a dip in the punch bowl and check out these alchohol-free drinks by clicking below.  Hey you can even let the kids have one if they’re good!


Click on the pineapple above to take a dip in the punch bowl with these alcohol free recipes.



You’ve put in the hard work.  Now it’s time to celebrate.  Start off your Sober Party with a well deserved badge and pass them around to your friends.  Click on in.

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